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29 June 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Neiman Carcass

What happens when animal advocates clash with big business? The legend of David Goliath gets turned on its head, inverted, run through te gauntlet, ground up and spit out. But even with the heft of corporate legal counsel, it doesn't always end up with the real life case of Goliath crushing David. Neiman Marcus, famed US retailer just can't keep the lid on the FUND FOR ANIMALS' fight against the giant retailer's unabashed support for fur.


Panel Refuses to Shut Down Web Site Critical of Retailer’s Fur Sales

Silver Spring, Md. (May 18, 2004)—The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. has lost its effort to shut down the web sites,, and, which are critical of the company’s sale of fur products. Although parody and satire are protected forms of speech, Neiman Marcus had argued in its complaint that the “Neiman Carcass” site is “confusingly similar” to its name and business.

Read the PRESS RELEASE in its entirety.

One for the animals. I look forward to the day when can be decommissioned. It's not an unrealistic hope. In the UK, the Neiman Marcus peer, Selfridges caved to pressure from the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade's anti-Selfridges' fur sale campaign and took fur off its racks last year. What won the day? Awareness, and lost patronage. Bad press and bad sales is bad for business, and maketh shareholders unhappy. The thing, it's us consumers who decides the morals of the retailers. Knowledge is power. YOU can stop fur cruelty. Don't make animals suffer for your shopping therapy, you don't need fur, they do. More on fur * China's Shocking Dog and Cat Fur Trade by * Heather Mills McCartney - Dog & Cat Fur Petition * Unpublished letter to the press: Comments on use of fur in fashion (basically, Singapore, we have a problem too) * Article - The Cruelty of Fur Trim by the Animal Protection Institute - Go to Does your grub bleed?

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