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29 June 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore.

Singapore UGLY!

UGLY banner for an UGLY truth

Abuse, abandonment, cruelty, neglect - what's the blooming difference between these? Whether causing an animal harm directly, or depriving it of the basics that we humans would cry bloody-murder for, they are all abuse and cruelty. We need a casefile, to know and remember the ones who suffered, and be mindul that we do not suffer the abusers. Ongoing Sagas * Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management * HDB's Chronic Misconception About Cats 2006 * A cat traumatized in the process of being caught by pest control (singaporecats, 20060514) * Don't Let Animals End Up Like Spot (TODAY, 20060509) * Cat killer in AMK (singaporecats, 20060508) * Cat killer, in Bedok South this time (TNP, 20060425) * Virus kills 3 pups - pet shop fined (ST, 20060417) * Another Cat killer at large...Old Airport Road (singaporecats, 20060410) * Fussypot found! (vegancatsg, 20060409) * Over 1,000 rabbits ditched (TODAY, 20060407) [Our rant: Where has our good sense gone?] * Terry - not a cat (vegancatsg, 20060404) * Abused kitten at MacDonald in Sengkang (singaporecats, 20060402) * Is he Vi-Vi's long lost sibling? (Vegancatsg's blog, 20060330) * Book anglers who break the rules at reservoir park (ST, 20060330) * Don't have pets unless you can care for them (TNP, 20060329) * Were those kittens dumped on the road? (ST 20060327) * Tabbee-boy at Geylang East badly injured (vegancat's blog, 20060325) * Homeseeker: Sara (20060325) * Homeseeker: Timmy (20060325) * Homeseeker: Orli (20060325) * Homeseeker: Frankie (20060325) * Homeseeker: Booties/Beanie (20060325) * Flying lemur and baby shot down at MacRitchie (ST, 20060322) * Advice needed for paralyzed cat (SingaporeCats, 20060321) * Rose Garden on Evans Road (Dawn's Blog, 20060313) * Man jailed 3 months for torturing kitten till its eye protruded (ST, 20060307) * Culling at Pasir Ris (singaporecats, 20060302) * Shop's cages so small, dogs could hardly move (ST, 20060302) * OK to keep pet shark without a licence? (TODAY, 20060223) * An evening of great sorrow (vegancatsg, 20060120) * Appeal for help for a paralysed cat, Debbie (singaporecats, 20060116) 2005 * Shadow, Severely Abused Kitten (singaporecats, 20051024) * Please help..kittens to be adopted or else to Spca or thrown to the street! (singaporecats, 20051010) * I should have stood up to bully who kicked cat (St, 20051003) * Singapore Zoo's orang utans become Bollywood stars? What a shame! (20050927) * Doberman chasing kitty (singaporecats, 20050923) * Neglected Arctic sled dog died of heatstroke (20050825) * Sweet as Fudge (ST, 20050807) * Turtle soup? Banned species in pet shops (TODAY, 20050723) * To those who killed Lingwu (TODAY, 20050707) * Free animals? Adopt a pet instead (ST, 20050522) * Tied so tightly strays couldn't breathe (TNP, 20050214) * Will someone love this blind pup? (TNP, 20050125) 2004 * 37 illegal animals recovered in raids (TODAY, 20041223) * Horrific find in dog farm in Pasir Ris (ST, 20041217) * Animal rights group hunts for tiger in Sixth Avenue (CNA, 20041111) * AVA should stop private dog-breeding (TODAY, 20041109) * Slow loris quick bust (TNP, 20041107) * Bad situation stinks to high heaven, 600 animals wallow in own piss and poo (LianHeZaoBao, 20041029) * Dogs' poisoning stuns Clementi residents (TODAY, 20041011) * Breeders could be abandoning dogs (STREATS, 20040723) * Culling bill last year: $600,000 (TNP, 20040722) * Six weeks' jail for killing a kitten (ST, 20040702) 2003 * Do the humane thing: Return dolphins to the wild (ST, 20030920) * Dog killer jailed three months (ST, 20030913) Go to Animal Abuse - You Can Stop It! See the Singapore UGLY - Human Nuisance Version c

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