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29 June 2006

Friday, March 17, 2006

Does your grub bleed?

So, where did your steak come from? * THE MEATRIX: Fight Factory Farms! (non-gore flash animation) * THE MEATRIX 2: The Meatrix Revolting! * An Easter Special - The Lord Of The Lambs * * Farm Sanctuary * Free farm animals from the cruelty of confinement * Foie Gras - Delicacy of Despair * Lobster Liberation * Consider The Lobster by David Foster Wallace * Dairy, Veal, Milk, Cruelty, Factory Farming * Past flu pandemics that started in farmed birds Go, grass-eater! * Vegetarian Society (Singapore) * Vegetarian Starter Kit * Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians Bless is he who refuses meat (Online essays, comments, resources about going meatless from the religious perspective) * from Religious Thought about Animals - Buddhist Resources on Vegetarianism and Animal Welfare - Christian Religion and Vegetarian Resources - Islam and Vegetarianism , Islamic Concern and Vegetarianism * Must Buddhists be vegetarians? * Is Nothing Sacred? Religion and Animal Liberation

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