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29 June 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Free animals? Adopt a pet instead (ST, 20050522)

Cruelty, on Vesak Day. Imagine that. The misguided sense of compassion is often veiled by blind faith. The act of animal liberation has been debased by the 'faithful' who does not think about what has done to meet his desire to partake in the act of animal liberation. Animal liberation, once an act of compassion, has become a parody and a joke, for it's very essence has been tainted beyond the Buddhist ideal that drove it.

"I was raised in a Buddhist family and I am concerned about the releasing of animals on Vesak Day. I have a Buddhist friend who used to buy caged animals for release on Vesak Day. However, she stopped doing so last year, after witnessing the death of a bird which she had released. The bird crashed into a tree, confused and frightened. I believe that this is a common scene on Vesak Day."

"It is an illusion that when we release these animals, we are releasing them to their original habitat. Released animals, hungry and frightened, would not be able to find shelter and food. Most of them would die soon after release, out of fright, hunger and fatigue, or get eaten by other animals."

"Instead of releasing animals on Vesak Day, why not abstain from eating animal products for a week? This is more effective, as we will be able to reduce the number of animals killed. Instead of releasing an animal, we should adopt a pet from the SPCA. Of course, we must be responsible towards the pet. By adopting a pet, we are making another life better, and by showing the pet concern, we are being compassionate and thoughtful. Those who see the negative effects of releasing animals on Vesak Day should educate others who are still ignorant about the matter. This way, we can more effectively spread the message around."

Excerpts: Letter from Ong Si Ying (Miss)

The discussion thread has some very good info and viewpoint on this. In addition, note the report "Animals freed in parks: Up to 80% fewer cases this year. Patrolling by rangers and volunteers helps curb Vesak practice" (ST, 20060523). Hopefully, the crackdown achieved genuine success, and did not merely drive the liberators underground. - Go to SINGAPORE UGLY / Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore. - Go to Does your grub bleed?

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