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29 June 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TCS Daily: Torturing the Truth

No wonder I'm always inexplicably hooked onto Fox (Sexy) Mulder's work in filing Xs, and his grand "The truth is out there. Trust no one," theme. It's instinctive, I see the light now. Oh, I know the media should always be taken with a pinch of salt. But I thought it was a region-specific affliction, namely across the west-side pond we call the Pacific. Now this interesting article, "Torturing the Truth", (noteworthy bits quoted herein), indicates the Atlantic-siders are suffering a similar malaise. Who can you trust if not the verenable BBC? OH wait, I watch the BBC docus, not follow BBCNews news.. how comforting.

"... Evidence for ideological bias at the BBC is nothing new in recent years. Such is its prevalence that whole Web sites, such as Biased-BBC, are dedicated to documenting it. High profile U.S. sites such as The American Thinker routinely report on BBC bias."

"But it is not the charges of institutionalized leftism with its inherent liberal values and general scaremongering tactics that should concern us most. It is the basic obfuscation of truth, in every sense, at the public's expense — and a U.K. public that pays for the privilege — that should prompt our ire."

"Bird flu could kill your cat" (BBC, 1 March 2006, after one cat died in Germany) provided a "worrying" variation on a theme. The very same day the BBC announced, "Cancer chemicals found in drink cans." Though the Foods Standards Agency quickly put this last BBC "fear" into perspective, pointing out the levels found "are no cause for concern", the public fear factor had already received its daily dose."

"Anyone picking up BBC broadcasts on the Planet Zog might easily come to believe that Public Enemy No. 1 and the evil empire are not Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but George W. Bush and the USA. A litany of recent stories on the BBC have implied that Bush is pretty much responsible for phone taps, denying mass murderers their human rights (by sanctioning capital punishment), melting polar ice caps, pulling the levee plugs in New Orleans and ferrying undesirables around to torture them, primarily, at Guantanamo Bay. And with this last story: "Guantanamo man alleges 'torture'" (3 March 2006) the BBC even manages to sink below its own low broadcasting standards. "

TCS Daily: Torturing the Truth

Why can't we just have the truth, plain and whole? Instead, the global phenom of political intrigue and 'cloak-and-daggar' stuff spawned a whole new human sub-species of the Conspiracy Theorists. We humans do like our fixes of intrigue and deception, like willing victims to the altar - don't mind the blood now, it's jut sacrificial.

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