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29 June 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

On the other hand, you don't want to be the lord-parent of the species either

Yeah, we did say "One is really not the answer you want", but then you wouldn't want your home to be overrun with cats and sundry either. You don't want to be still cleaning litter-bins at 3AM, and you do want to be able to claim that space on your own bed that used to be your personal spot when it's time to crash. So where do you draw the line? I think a good baseline is: how much time can you spare for play, grooming, and other interactions, toilet-detail, and so on. Also, even though money is not the absolute arbiter, like having kids, it's important in your role as a responsible cat-parent. Proper food, enrichment, vaccinations, and other medical needs, everything needs money to grease the gears. THe keyphrase is :"Do you value your material wants over your pets' needs?" A good rule of thumb may be to do a prioritisation exercise. If your cats(or hamsters) lose out to your fixation with branded shirt-acquisition in your list, and you feel the pinch even before bringing your cat to the vet, then you should seriously rethink your suitability for keeping anyone or anything but yourself. On the scary side, if your drive to have more and more cats is focused on possession, versus their well-being, you might need to make an appointment with Woodbridge, because you may have animal hoarding tendencies. Hoarding behaviour is an illness, and even though the hoarder needs our help and understanding, the most-affected victims are the animals, they are the ones who have to endure the hoarder's squalor and neglect. Hoarding conditions are detrimental to both hoarded animals and hoarders. In short, Animal hoarders need SERIOUS help. So stay on the straight and narrow, my friend. Have more, but don't hoard. - Check out the purrsNswipes Adoption Guidebook - Go to Pawprints: TLC for other cat minon requisite education - Meet our homeseekers

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