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29 June 2006

Sunday, April 09, 2006

THWARTED... by cyberclog

There I was, diligently adding to the casefile last night, when the connection went comatose! But, archiving obsessives will find a way! If you're wondeirng what this nut is doing, well, the truth is, we're trying to use this blog to record and doc all the stuff we want to make sure is accessible in a one place... think 'one blog to gather it all, and in the darkness bind them.' Good news, for moi, the casefile's 2003, 2004 lists are done, and I've managed to start on the 2005 listing. As soon as we get these archival stuff out of the way, the real stars will feature. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - may the cybergods bless our connection!

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