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29 June 2006

Saturday, April 08, 2006

To those who killed Lingwu (TODAY, 20050707)

How many Lingwu killers walk our streets? How many are flexing their dirty, cowardly egos, and getting to 'upgrade' to humans, like the goat strangler of California?

"I AM crying: Lingwu, my little cat is dead. "When I called to him, he answered with a strange miaow, full of pain and fear. He couldn’t walk or crawl; his hindquarters were still. "In the morning, I took him to the vet. The X-rays told us everything. Lingwu had apparently been beaten. His spine was broken. "He had also been dragged a long dis­tance, then left in the drain below my balcony. "We, a group of seven friends, had found him in the middle of a road on the last day of 2004 — by some miracle, all the cars had managed to avoid him. He was about two weeks old, a tiny and skinny thing, unaware of the danger and not afraid of the roaring engines. "He became our mascot of friendship and love, and of good luck for 2005. "Lingwu was a special cat: He was not afraid of humans, he loved to approach them to play, giving them joy and laugh­ter with his clumsiness and naivete. "He died from loving humankind. "You, who killed him, probably do not deserve family and friends because you don’t know the bond of love, or how to grow by giving and receiving love. "When you hurt Lingwu, you hurt yourself — the child inside yourself, the frightened one yelling not to be left alone in the dark. Yet you buried him in the dark. "When we kill the child inside our­selves, we’re just miserable. I pity you.
Follow-up letters: - Stop 'sick' treatment of animals (TODAY, 20050708) - Animal cruelty has sinister implications (TODAY, 20050713) Think about the Cruelty Connections - Go to Go to: Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore.

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