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29 June 2006

Saturday, April 08, 2006

AVA should stop private dog-breeding (TODAY, 20041109)

Slipping through the gaps is easy, because of lax enforcement and comprehensive legislation.

"I was traumatised recently by one such trial-and-error experiment concerning a friend's dog. "The owners did not realise the dog had developed serious complications during its delivery.

"Even though there was blood and black-green fluid oozing from the puppies' mother, the owners waited until morning to take her to the vet, who then performed a caesarean. "And the owners? They decided to sell the surviving pup to recoup their costs. They admitted eventually that they had no experience. Had they not been so stubborn and money-minded, more of these puppies might have been saved. "Many such cases may be going unreported as they happen behind closed doors. Such breeders also contribute to the number of strays on Singapore's streets.

Follow-up letters: - Pet owners have a right to breed their animals (TODAY, 20041116) [An answer that is no comfort to concerned animal lovers] - Breeding Trouble (singaporecats, 20041118) [An insightful, but undated TODAY article. Testament that enforcement is needed] - Go to Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore. - Go to Don't Breed Or Buy While Shelter Animals Die

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