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29 June 2006

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shop's cages so small, dogs could hardly move (ST, 20060302)

We hate generalisations, but with what's happening around town, we can only conclude petshops that sells pets are evil. Greed seems to blind these operators to their obligations to provide proper care for the lives in their charge. Petshops selling pets and display them without consideration for even their basic needs, pet farms breeding pets like manufacturing plants run production lines. We have laws governing the conduct of these operators, but why do we keep finding cases like this, and worse, in the news? Elementary, dear Watson: toothless enforcement. Say what you will, but when profit is involved, these won't give a hoot unless it makes money-sense, and the lack of arm-power in the stick-wielder isn't helpnig any. Ok, there are probably conscientious petshops and breeders in Singapore - but it is the callous money-minded ones that are in the spotlight, and all for the wrong reasons. Go to Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore Go to Don't Breed Or Buy While Shelter Animals Die

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