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29 June 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Who's going to explain to them?

Dawn spoke about the hazards of feeding a cat upstairs, or allowing a pet cat to roam, especially in housing estates. I'd like to add, for the ground-floor units, leaving food outside the flats poses the same dangers. This guy is a corridor cat, but is it his fault that he's been taught to "go upstairs", all the up to the 13th floor for food? Or if he's the pet of some stupid egoist who thinks it's fine for his/her cat to roam in flat corridors? Who's fault is it if neighbours complain because he defecates in their shoes, flower-pots, makes noise or if if his feeder leaves food lying around? It's certainly not his, but who "gets it"? The damn cat does! When has it ever been the irresponsible feeder/owner who "gets it"? What does it resolve to remove and kill the cat? ZILCH, nada, nothing, ZERO. A great big fat zero. Because the root of evil, the irresponsible feeder has not been removed. He/she will continue with irresponsible feeding: "One-eyed grey gone? Too bad for him. No problem anyway, who cares?! There are other cats I can teach to do the same neat trick of coming up to my13th floor flat for food. How convenient for me, YAY!" The irresponsible feeder/owner will continue to get cats killed, K.I.L.L.E.D. They will choose to remain oblivious to the dangers they pose to the cats they purport to care for/"love". I say choose, because it is impossible that they have absolutely no inkling about the consequences, if not after the first cat, then surely by the nth cat, they should begin to suspect. i mean, the light has to turn on, unlesssomebody forgot to pay the utilities bill, in which case... ALA%^*&*#@MAK! Meanwhile, the neighbours continue to be pissed, and the town council or property management will continue to call pest control, and AVA will continue to administer the fatal shots. Who benefits? Only the "my convenience comes first" irresponsible feeder/owner... and maybe the pest control folks. Let's make it the optimal scenario. Nothing happens - nobody complains, and the feeding becomes a routine everybody accepts. Then one day, the irresponsible up and leaves. Yes, he/she moves house. But the cat remains. Who's going to tell the cat the usual arrangements' not going to work any more? That if he approaches the former house of the irresponsible feeder, all he's going to get is some unceremonious shooing, if he's lucky. But he'll be confused, where's his feeder? Where's his grub? In desperation, he may even attempt to enter the former house of the irresponsible feeder. What do you reckon is going to happen? The neighbours will be pissed, and who they gonna call? Town council! Then, the town council or property management will call pest control, and AVA will administer the fatal shot to the cat. Whose fault is it? The irritated new resident who can't understand why the "stupid cat" insists on stalking his door? Or the cat who can't understand what happened to the feeding routine, and where the heck's his super-duper feeder?? Telling him : "Dude, you've been duped, man," isn't going to work. So here's the deal: DO NOT feed upstairs, DO NOT let your pet cat roam, DO NOT leave food outside your flat. DO feed in an unobstructive location that will not annoy residents, DO sterilise your cats, whether home cats or homeless community cats. There is no convenient compassion. That's an oxymoronic myth the lazy, and the guilt-ridden devised to make themselves feel better. IF you feel it's too inconvenient to even consider the threats to the cats lives that your feeding behaviour causes, the you'll be doing the cats the biggest favour you ever can BY REFRAINING FROM FEEDING. - Go to Pawprints: TNRM - Go to Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management - Go to Pawprints: TLC for other cat minon requisite education

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