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29 June 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Terry - not a cat (vegancatsg, 20060404)

Why do people have pets if they're not going to want to adapt and accommodate the change in lifestyle and routines that will occur?? For example, if you have a cat, you'll have scoop the poop, entertain the cat, and accept that your furniture won't remain in pristine condition. (Let's face it, deterioration begins as asoon as you buy it anyway, so what's the big blooming deal?) IF you have hamsters, you better make sure in your hamster-estate, males live strictly in single-hamster units only, and give females a choice of single or multi hamster units. Ensure no overcrowding, and don't just entertain yourself watching them run the wheel - you've got to retur nthe favour and get them away from the wheel too - if it numbs your mind watching them after the 1st hour, imagine how much worse it is for them! If you have a dog, you'll HAVE TO walk the dog, groom the dog, bath the dog(unless you've got an impervious nose). You'll have to do dog-toilet duty too - even if you don't mind the mess, the dog will find both you and the toilet condition offensive. That is why, when I read poor Terry's story on vegancatsg's blog, I want to give his ex-'family' the same inconsideration they impose on him, for EIGHT long years, read the comments - Terry's true mum, Mary, detailed some of his suffering. Terry's ex family should be banned from going near non-humans, period. I will gladly supply the short leash, no, make that choke chains, for these prime specimens of human selfishness. Terry's story now has a happy redeeming chapter, but how many Terrys are there in Singapore who suffer and endure until they die? That is the sorrow of his story - that there are others who suffer worse than him. Go to: Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore.

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