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29 June 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

TNRM 101 - the Practical Handbook you can't buy, but can read for FREE

Dawn, CWS's Director of Operations, maintains a blog, where she shares her experiences working with volunteer care-givers (like btmao and I), skirmishing with complainants, and the bureacracy. She offers insightful views and advice on what to do when things happen, very good stuff. So here's my grand idea: I'm going to post links to Dawn's blog entries that I think gives good advice or info that's representative of a given situation (as there's many on-going ones, and lots of deja-vu ones), and maintain the list on an ongoing basis. TNRM 101 - the Practical Handbook you can't buy, but can read for FREE - The Basics

- Go forth: do or do not, there is no try - When you need help: Before you holler CASE STUDIES FOR THE VOLUNTEER CARE-GIVER - Dealing with Difficult Property Managers (ongoing saga) - Town Council By-Laws: Feeding IS NOT Illegal - On The Perpetual Evil of Culling - The Curious Case Of The Pregnant Tip-Earred Cats - Rose Garden on Evans Road - Buck Passing - Self-Delusion, and in more ways than one! [added 20060411] - A Bad Case Of Uber-DUH [added 20060411] - The Scourge of the Void [added 20060413] - Details, Details, Details! [added 20060419] - Singapore... really OK meh? [added 20060421] - Info Overload Can Be Cats' Bane! [added 20060421] - Denial - it's really delusionates' exclusive province [added 20060421] - CWS traps only for TNRM [added 20060421] - Please, whingers, a little tolerance please? And oh, can you grow a bit of heart while you're at it? [added 20060421]

- Psychology & Politics: A Fatal-Potent concoction for non-humans [added 20060509]

- Cat trapped in escalator! (Rare find: uplifting case) [added 20060518]

- UGLY PEOPLE [added 20060530]

- Can you fathom people like this? [added 20060530] I've learnt a lot from reading Dawn's blog, and gained a few insights about the practical/operational aspects. In a nutshell, when doing TNRM, I think knowledge is power. Remember this credo: "Don't panic, know your rights. If you haven't done anything wrong, Big Brother can't book you." Check out TNRM.

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