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29 June 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Do they suffer for your shopping therapy?

Pet Food * 'Pet' Foods and Animal Testing Policies by Uncaged Campaigns: Against All Animal Experiments/Vivisection Iams * Iams Kills * Iams - Pet Food Cruelty Exposed by Moggies - Home of the online Cat Guide The Fur Trade * China's Shocking Dog and Cat Fur Trade by * The Coalition To Abolish The Fur Trade * Heather Mills McCartney - Dog & Cat Fur Petition * Neiman Carcass Your Consumerism Can Make Or Break Animal Cruelty And Environmental Destruction * Animals In Entertainment by Animal Rights Foundation Of FLorida. (Also read: Compendium of Measures To Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings, 2005) * THE BODY SHOP FILE: Beyond "Shattered Image" * (Chicken-In-A-Biscuit Sells Cigs) * The Captive Animals' Protection Society * The Circus is No Place for Animal Abuse * THE IMPACTS OF SHRIMP PRODUCTION - You Can Stop It! by EFJ - Environmental Justice Foundation. Protecting People And Planet * One in Ten Supermarket Products Linked to Orang-utan Extinction by Friends Of The Earth * Organic Consumers Association. Campaigning for Heath, Justice, and Sustainability * Monkeying around with human health by Animal Aid * Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! by! * Save Taiji Dolphins - end the annual drive fishery slaughter by * * Sustainable Travel International. Leave The World A Better Place * TIES - The International Ecotourism Society * THE ZOO PAGES. "Keep Wildlife in the Wild - NOT in high security prisons!!" by Asian Animal Protection Network Animal Testing in Cosmetic Industry L'OREAL * L'Oreal Continue to Test on Animals * Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping - L'Oreal fact file * Satire - L'Oreal Animal Testing bunnies don't think L'Oreal girls are 'worth it' Procter & Gamble * Proctor & GambleTest on Animals: boycott P & G * Proctor & Gamble's Cruel Animal Tests * Procter & Gamble in the McSpotlight by Beyond MacDonald's * Click here for P&G's global product list on their website

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