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29 June 2006

Friday, March 31, 2006

Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management

With Singapore authorities' usual pompousity for 'owning' initiatives, TNRM was launched locally as Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme (SCRS) in 1998. In 2003, it was inexplicably cancelled during the SARS scare. Inexplicably, because just two weeks prior to terminating it, AVA was still singing its praises! (Ref: Culling of cats: Is it still 'Govt knows best'?) Culling is a danger facing all non-human life in Singapore, therefore all relevant info, regardless of species have been included. This fiasco will not end soon, so please watch this space and if you know of any part of the chronology that's missing in this list, let us know. Here's the chronology of events surrounding this shameful, open secret of Singapore: Background * Stray Cat Sterilisation Project at Bukit Merah View by Lou Ek Hee DVM Head, Animal Welfare Section, CAWC (basis for SCRS) * Leaflet on SCRS from AVA before scheme was prematurely terminated * What has been removed from AVA website The Letters and Articles * You'll find them prowling the the streets and lanes of any urban development. They are the stray cats of Singapore, and they havea job to do, too (20000130) * CULLING OF STRAY CATS (AVA) (20030528) * Culling of cats: Is it still 'Govt knows best'? (20030603) * Cat lovers hold memorial for 700 culled stray cats (20030609) * AVA halts sterilisation scheme for stray cats; control now under Town Councils (2003108) * Empty promise, AVA? (20031014) * AVA stands by decision to stop sterilising cats. It says educating pet owners is the way to go and turns down appeal; SPCA says move is shortsighted (20031017) * Stray-cat scheme needs more time (20031021) * Why stray-cat rehabilitation scheme discontinued (20031029) * Sars pets. Tests show pet cats can catch virus; experts divided over danger to humans (20031030) * Sterilisation long-term solution to cat problem (20031031) * Do we really want a clean, sanitary - and sterile - Singapore? (20031031) * How is cats' death sentence decided? (20031105) * Pulau Ubin fowl to be put down (20040202) * Culling bill last year: $600,000 (20040722) * What would a street cat or dog ask of PM Lee? (20040814) * PM Goh: it was not illegal but it must be done responsibly (20040821) * Cat-management systems work well (20041029) * Tied so tightly strays couldn't breathe (20050215) * Restore rehabilitation scheme for stray cats (20050301) * Rehab scheme in review: But public support vital in plan to spay stray cats and free them (20050310) * Sterilise animals to stop abuse (20050709) * Stray, abandoned dogs get second chance with adoption campaign (20050729) * 13,000 cats put to death each year for just simply being born as cats (20050809) * Feral cats & Singapore animal advocacy (20050818) * Rethink killing of stray dogs, Try out more humane ways.. (20050823) * End mass killing of stray dogsBetter option is to allow keeping of larger pets in HDB flats (20050826) * Culling of dogs a necessary, if heartbreaking, measure: AVA (20050903) * It's a dog's life with Illinois' new law (20050905) * 'Catch-and-kill' animal control policies outdated (20050907) * Foreign cleaning workers are not supposed to trap cats (20051025) * Find other ways to curb crow population (20051104) * Birds Poisoned and Dumped in Rubbish Bins. Town council commissioned culling operations (20051112) * AsiaOne Poll - Should housing estates rethink their anti-cat stance? (20051119) * Anti Cat - Another Whack by Town Councils (20051123) * Castrating male dogs is quick-fix solution. It won't encourage responsible pet ownership (20051201) * Why sterilise pets? It reduces number of strays, more humane than culling (20051202) * Posters at "Social Responsibilities" Carnival - Tampines (20051205) * Campaign to sterilise stray dogs (20051205) * Sterilisation of strays did wonders in New York (20051219) * "Animals are nuisance until proven otherwise" (20051219) * Neighbours from hell. Noise-maker says my wife stalked him I'm his daily tissue disposal service (20060112) * Killed unfairly. Cats get needlessly culled when public complains about irresponsible feeders (20060113) * Culling at Commonwealth Close (20060201) * Feedback on proposed new measures for managing the pet and stray dog populations (20060216) * Tragic Fate of the Stray Cats in S'pore 2003 (20060217) * HELP!! East Coast TC rounding up strays at 403/404 Bedok North Ave 3 (20060221) * How to "Go No Kill": Introduction by Tara Derby-Perrin (20060226) * It is time to bring the owners to task for not removing their pets' faeces (20060301) * Culling at Pasir Ris (20060303) * Cats not the menace: Rules create the problem; Tackle owners, not pets (20060303) * Cats culled because "a woman is frightened of the cats" (20060303) * Take the right action to take proper care of stray animals (20060315) [Ref: Man jailed 3 months for torturing kitten till its eye protruded (ST, 20060307)] * Cat feeder takes proper care of strays without messing up (20060317) * Psst... mr brown, your help's needed. Desperately! (TODAY, 20060406) - Go to: Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore (Special recommendation: HDB bans cats - government body chronically misconceived ) - Go to: Pawprints: TNRM c

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