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29 June 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Where has our good sense gone?

Has commonsense been boiled off the into space by global-warming? Why don't people display sense and sensibility when it concerns pets. It is so loser-sque to say: "I never knew I had to sterilise my cat", "It's too troublesome to care for my old cat/dog", "I did not notice my dog in pain", "I never expect my chinchilla to need my attention", "My dog's blind, I don't want a blind dog", "I didn't know my mice were of different sex and that I should have separated them", "The puppy very cute so I buy loh, got offer some more, now regret man, the stupid thing keeps fallnig sick. Wish I knew about puppy-mill", "I don't know I needed to bring my hamster to the vet", "I didn't know cats and dogs can live so long", "Oh, Friskies is salty ah? Then I just give my cats more water loh", "I thought my rabbit would be ok since there's grass everywhere". That last may be why people dump 1,000 rabbits on Singapore streets yearly. 1,000! How many morons does it take to neglect and abandon 1 rabbit? Just one, and we have at least 1,000. When you compound that figure by the average family size of 5, there's 5,000 instantaneous morons in a very offensive row, because for sure the abandoning isn't done without the rest of the family knowing. These morons should be barred from going near any animals, and if I had it my way, I'd take them on a personal lear-jet journey, hover high over the Atlantic ocean, where you see no landfall across the horizon, and invite them to jump off or contribute $1 million dollars to a reputable animal welfare group of my choice, and commit to 10,000 hours of animal-community service. The law here say there's a fine of up $10,000, a jail-term of up to 1 year or a combo if you abandon. But frankly, without tracking and accountability like micro-chipping and registration, the law is just so much verbiage, toothless and impotent. Animals can't speak, how can they testify if the pathetic human scum they thought were their family deny everything? Here's the deal, we have bookstores, the national library of Singapore has TONNES of petcare reference books, there's a whole planet of online references too. Ignorance cannot be your cop-out for neglecting your pet. There's no excuse for you to claim ignorance. And if you're copping ignorance, why the hell did you get a pet then? Abandonment is the pathetic cop-out that should not have happened. If you abandon, you've got blood on your hands, pal. As Cat exhorts: "Be a Responsible Pet Owner", for decency's sake! - Go to Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore - Go to Pawprints: TLC for other cat minon requisite education

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