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29 June 2006

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fussypot found! (vegancatsg, 20060409)

Fussypot gave vegancatsg quite a bit of grief when she went MIA, likely through no fault of her own. Luckily, she has been found, and is now back in the tender care of vegancatsg. Through this chronology of her loss and finding, vegancatsg's anxiety over her disappearance is a great microcosm of what cat caregivers experience when the cats under our care goes missing or becomes sick: - Fussypot - how long will she live? (20060227) - Fussypot's audible meow (20060227) - Fussypot - update (20060305) - Fussypot's voracious appetite sustains (20060307) - Fussypot's good appetite is maintaining (20060312) - New abandonee at carpark (20060317) - Another "new" face at the block & Fussypot remains missing (20060320) - Fussypot..being held in large hands to comfort and heal the spirit (20060322) - Is Fussypot still alive? (20060408) - Fussypot found! (vegancatsg, 20060409) Even though it is rather speculative, fussypot may possibly have been kitnapped, and the abductor may then decided to release her where it's convenient after he/she/they realise: - she may be sick, and deem her too much of a nuisance. having a sick cat in the house would be a style-cramper - he/she/they kitnapped on impulse and were not prepared for the responsiblity of caring for another life - fussypot may be noisy or unfriendly as she was stressed by the kitnap, and he/she/they did not want to bother to help her adapt. If you or anyone you know are thinking of taking a homeless cat home, by all means. BUT, before you do so, check that: - the cat is really alone. If the cat looks well-cared for, or if you know for a fact he/she has a caregiver, then for decency's sake, approach the care giver and let the caregiver know of your intentions. For all you know, the caregiver may even be able to let you in some of the cat's behaviour and quirks, which can only be useful info to you. - even if the cat is alone, make sure you are REALLY prepared to help the cat adapt to indoor living. Sterilisation, vaccinations, vet visits, proper food, litter-bin, scratchpost, fall-safe measures, these are all NECESSITIES that you, as a cat-parent must be prepared for. Whatever your rationale, do not treat your kitnapping as child's play. Remember your enthusiasm and your passion for wanting to take the cat home should you ever think of re-abandoning the cat. Putting the cat back on the street should never be an option. If you somehow manage to rationalise that you MUST release her, then do have the decency to put the cat back where you found him/her. Also, do not drag too long. Otherwise the vacuum effect would have set in, and the cat would be displaced by newcomers, and may be driven off his/her former territory. If it happens, it is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT. Don't plead ignorance at any point in time, it's just a loser's cop-out. I'm adding Fussypot's case to the SINGAPORE UGLY casefile, based on the high likelihood of kitnap/abandonment. - Go to Pawprints: TNRM - Go to Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management - Go to Pawprints: TLC for other cat minon requisite education

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