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29 June 2006

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Back up... or lose out

That seems to be the message of the day. According to the Sunday Times' "Click" feature "Bloggers, don't forget to back up", by Mike Lee, the wise do backup, the foolish cry when their blogs die. I'm wise, so I followed the advice and checked out the resident help file on backup. Looks like a painful process that I'm not ready to risk, and risk my happy sunday mood though. Luckily, there are other recs: - TOOLS * HTTrack: (save whole websites for offline browsing) * w.blogger: (offline blogging tool) - PLATFORM SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS * Blogger: * Livejournal: - GOOGLE caches * IF your blog has been cached into Google servers, then this is the stone-age fail-safe way to back up. In the event nothing works for ya, the trusty manual DIY is the way to go, dude. Happy back upping, or is that backing up?

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