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29 June 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Of Queen and Fine Young Cannibals

Hmmm... so btmao came home and we sort of spaced out for a moment. Then she goes: "Isn't this Wednesay? Isn't American Idol on?" Now, you can't accuse us of being rabid Idol-heads, but once in a while, it's good to go shallow, and just let the mind wander, you know. So we flip the box on and guess what? It's American Idol - Queen night! Pay-dirt, because, OOOOH... it'd be fun to watch others tryin to ape the inimitable Freddie Mercury. Now Queen is a bit beyond our era, and they can get a bit too bombastic, but hey, they've got their moments and there's no denying how large they figure on planet MUSIC. And we're rock-heads. I didn't expect though, the blast of nostalgia during the commercial break. The familiar honky-tonk tempo of the Fine Young Cannibals' Good Thing accompanied some trailer. I don't know about you, but back in the day, (the late 80s was it?) they were all over radio with She Drives Me Crazy. They drove me NUTS, to the point of either revulsion or self-hurt. I chose revulsion. Now, I find myself actually missing them! Their music wasn't BAD, just too available. I thought their airwave squatting nauseating but they are heavenly compared to the canned music of today, which is nothing more than success by overkill and empty hype. I can't even listen to 1 straight hour of radio now, I'd kill myself! It is that BAD. The Presidents of the United States weren't that far off when they lamented that video killed the radio star, and even they are defunct, despite the success they brokered in the vid age - trust me, they weren't very "with it", neither pretty nor full-maned, pre-reqs of conventional rock-bands wannabes. I know looking back shows your age. The more you look back, the more you miss it too, but well, if not for the past, how do we measure today, or the future? Besides, nostalgia does has its moments. Ah, now I'm in the mood. Ambience anyone? I should dig out my Queen and Pink Floyd anthologies. Maybe throw in some Red Hot Chilli Peppers, just to spice it up. Of course, it won't do without a side of my favourite Pearl Jam, scented by the grungy melodies of Candlebox. Ok, I shall cease and desist before I go into a tailspin stringing up all the bands/singers I'm partial to.

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