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29 June 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Neglected Arctic sled dog died of heatstroke (20050825)

Why keep a pet if you're not going to care for it? Why BUY a dog when you're going to neglect him to death? Does it make sense to BUY a dog and then torture him to death via neglect, over a two year period? Max the arctic sled dog did not ask to be bought by Lim Bee Leong in 2002. But what he did get from Lim Bee Leong during his short 3 year life?

On 25 August 2005, Mr. Lim Bee Leong was fined $3,000 for causing the death of his 3-year old Alaskan malamute. In January 2005, the dog was left without water and shelter in his backyard and died of heatstroke. The SPCA had received previous complaints about the owner. In December 2003, the SPCA received calls about a malamute tied up with insufficient shelter from the sun and a golden retriever shut up in the house with no one there. Over two days, SPCA's inspector made 3 visits to investigate, and although the malamute could be seen tied up outside, no one was home each time. SPCA was eventually able to trace the owner and our inspector informed him that the conditions were not suitable for his malamute and advised him on what was required for Singapore's hot climate. The owner agreed to heed the advice. A couple of days later, our inspector met with the owner and found that the malamute was no longer tied up and had access to the house. The golden retriever had been re-homed. The original callers said they would keep a lookout and inform SPCA if they had any concerns. In July 2004, a complaint was received that the Malamute was locked up in the house for three days with no one attending. However when we arrived, we discovered that the owner had actually been working at home, and the dog was in good physical condition. The complainant was asked inform SPCA if the situation changed. In January 2005, a neighbour contacted the SPCA when they noticed the Malamute dead in the backyard. The SPCA inspector found the dog lying amid faeces and without water or shelter. The SPCA informed the police and eventually the case went to court in August this year.


Again, the case itself is hair-raising, but the sentencing is the truly scary part. Life, non-human life, is truly cheap in Singapore. Follow-ups: - Dog abuser got away too lightly (ST, 20050830) - Animal lovers petition for heavier sentence. They claim $3,000 fine was way too small (TODAY, 20050902) - The art of getting heard. Why animal welfare groups in Singapore can't reach out to the authorities (TODAY, 20051104) - Go to SINGAPORE UGLY / Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore.

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