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29 June 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thousands of Blogs Fall Silent

This is scary stuff indeed. What would qualify as a bloggie nightmare? How about this:

Thousands of Blogs Fall Silent

By Michelle Delio (Jun, 15, 2004)

Blogging pioneer Dave Winer unexpectedly closed, his free blog-hosting service, on Sunday, leaving thousands of bloggers without access to their blogs.

Blogs affected by the shutdown now redirect to a generic message posted by Winer.

Some bloggers are screaming that the shutdown is a serial "blog murder." Other bloggers slammed the people whose blogs have vanished from the Internet, saying that no one should expect continuity from a free service.


The article closes out with this paragraph, which seems to be a good gauge of how important archiving would be to any self-respecting bloggie.

"I just have my fingers crossed that my girlfriend gets her blog back," said software programmer Tom Gortell. "She feels like someone just sucked out her brains. I don't get it, it's just an online journal, right? But she feels like her entire life has been stolen."
To bloggies who bail out on the sandman just to post their latest epiphany on why Jane dumped Joe, how to improve snot-projectile accuracy or whatever, da blog is obviously a larger cause than their 8 hours. Now, I can't resist making like the yahoo ads: do you uh, archive?

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