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29 June 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006

You Don't Have To LOVE Them, Honest!

I'm still thinking about 5-cat Style's post "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ", specifically:

The Good (made up mostly, but not exclusively, of cat-lovers) ...
  • a man, who isn't a cat-lover, was interested in finding out more them after reading the many forum letters in the newspapers about the ban of cats in HDB flats... he was also keen to understand how he could help if he saw pest control taking sterilised community cats away
THIS is the kind of Singaporean attitude I really hope will develop. You don't have to be an avowed animal lover, just empathetic, compassionate, and tolerant - traits that are part of a gracious society but sorely lacking in Singapore. Is that too much to ask? Wait, don't answer it, it was rhetorical. Today, the PAP has announced its final batch of new candidates. Apparently, "PAP plans to give voters what they want, ..." I am not interested to jump in the politics commenting fray, it is not my cuppa at all. But I am, I must say, as disappointed as ever, that all the new candidates talked about empathising with the common man, wanting to aid their various personal (human-related, bread-and-butter) causes, as expected. Quite trite, and run-of-mill, frankly. Not one demonstrated an aspiration to help Singapore become the gracious society it should be. Certainly no one talked about his/her chidlhood memories with a beloved pet, and how he/she understands this bond, and how it helps develop the traits of a gracious person, and by extension, a society. The political candidate I would root for is someone who not only cares for the day-to-day concerns in my life, but who is also concerned about the ungraciousness of Singapore society, our environment, and recognise the rights of the animals who share our streets to live. So, I can save on the pom-pom making effort yet again. Yup, I'm disappointed, but not unexpectedly so. (Previous post on 5-cat Style's post "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ") - Go to Pawprints: TNRM - Go to SINGAPORE UGLY / Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore. - Go to HDB bans cats - government body chronically misconceived - Go to Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management

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