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29 June 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sara, now Mocha, gets a bed of her own

vegancatsg and I have been in communication with Sara's mum, YH, due to her on-again-off-again third eye-lid syndrome, and a few red spots on her skin that's causing her new parents to worry. Now Mocha, she will be seeing the vet this weekend. I am hoping it's nothing serious. Also, YH sent these pics on the night of Sara's adoption - 9 Apr, but the photo upload thingy didn't work til just now, so here they are, plus the email that came with it:

Yup will be sending her for a checkup some time this couple of weeks - she seems quite young, I reckon she looks abt a year old. She was having some bowel incontinence (leaking) last night but this morning we found she had done her business during the night in the litter box, so that was a relief (pun intended)! We bought the water fountain but she doesn't seem very impressed by it. Ironically we were the ones who were quite excited, spending an hour fixing it up, oohing and aahing over it when it finally worked. Same thing for the cute "cheese" bed we bought her (see attached pic). We thought that was the cutest, sofest bed ever, and in typical cat fashion she spent maybe 2 minutes in it and then jumped out and proceeded to lie down on the floor next to it. Huh.
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