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29 June 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sara/Mocha totes a collar now

Sara/Mocha was sent to the vet, here's the update from her mum I saw this morning, and the subsequent exchanges. I'm so relieved the vet doesn't consider her case serious. Definitely appreciate YH's updates!

Hi all, Some update on sara/mocha's condition after a trip to the vet: She is suffering from a bacteria infection in her stomach, which is causing a slight temperature and the diahorrea. Vet suspects she may also have worms, but deworming will have to come later after she recovers from the infection. Apart from that, her sores are caused by a fungal infection. So now she has to take several medicines (which she tends to vomit out), shave off the fur, apply topical cream to the sores, and wear a hood (to stop her from licking them), which she's pretty upset about. All in all, not a good day for a cat. Best, YH

Hi YH, Thanks for the update. So it looks like the sores are back - remember that one of the reasons we decided to board her was because of the sores? They had cleared up pretty nicely then. Guess this is an aftermath. =( I hope her tummy issues are mild. I will let Foster Mum know about the tummy bug, so she can watch out for the others as well. So sorry you've had to get to the vet already. But I think with your TLC, _mocha's going to be just fine. =) Thanks, YH! calsifer

Hi YH, I just spoke to Foster Mum, and she's just as concerned as I was because _Mocha had been fine. But she also said the sores did resurface a bit when _Mocha was moved from her initial quarantine quarters into the cat room. But she had been quite hale since. We talked for a bit and deduced that _Mocha's sores is probably her system's way of dealing with stress - and i guess you know cats tend to stress over changes in environment, food etc. I think most cats get flu, but others just deal with it differently, eg, our Bam Bam lick himself bald in specific spots. _Mocha probably is having tummy trouble for the same reason. Her former roomies are all doing well, but Foster Mum will keep a lookout. ... I forgot to ask about deworming - sorry! Hope the info helps. =) calsifer

Hi calsifer, Thanks for your concern. So she wasn't dewormed before? The vet didn't seem to think her case was serious, as these are common symptoms amongst stray cats, but Foster Mum might want to keep any eye on the other cats as the vet said the cat's stools had a very high level of the bacteria protozoa (I think that's how it's spelt), which was causing the diahorrea too. Hence the suspicion of worms as well. Her sores have been there from the start (large spots on both hind legs, a mid sized one on one front leg and two small spots on the back), but it got worse as she kept licking them (hence the hood). But they are now healing pretty well - scabs are forming - and we hope they will be the first to heal so at least she won't be so miserable wearing the hood. Her enthusiasm has waned somewhat on seeing us since we've been force feeding her medicine and making her wear a hood, so here's really hoping she'll get better soon. On a seperate note, we've been feeding her avoderm and using the same kitty litter (clumping) that Foster Mum used to lessen _mocha's stress. Cheers, YH

Hi, I'm not sure if she was. Assumed so, but will confirm - Foster Mum has gone out to work and is not reachable right now. Do you urgently need to know? Foster Mum will def watch out for the other cats. THat's a relief that it's not serious. Sure hope _Mocha recovers soon - cats just hate not being to reach everywhere and groom, huh? So considerate of you to use the same food and litter. =) I always thought it funny that a cat's psychological adaptability seem to be such a separate creature from the physical. heh... good thing you can stop forcing her once she gets well. Our Bam Bam has to be given half a pill nightly for his kidney problem, and it's a permanent arrangement... we feel like monstrous foie gras farmers. = Thanks, YH! calsifer

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