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29 June 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006

Pawprints: Outsourced Fostercare

Pictorial - the Outsourced Fostercare Facility and its residents/guests
Since we're unable to do the fostering of cats-for-adoption ourselves, we've to get it done by proxy. "Eh?" you may be asking. I know, convoluted doesn't it sound? Well, it's simple, it's like boarding your cat, only we pay for the cat's upkeep, and the very kind foster, whom we shall simply call Foster Mum due to circumstances, also does things like bring sick cats to the vet and follow-up with you (as compared to insisting you bring the cat yourself or demanding deposits etc in other places), nurse them as necessary, etc, of her volition. She does not sweat the small stuff - a spray of frontline here, 3 nights of round-the-clock re-hydrating there, the list goes on. She is not obliged to take her initiative to this degree, but she does. Why? Because her objective is to help cats, not make money. The proof is in the pudding too - Foster Mum has adopted some of the cats that passed through her doors. No, not the cuddly, attractive ones, but the ones with physical disabilities or special needs. Among her personal brood are: * April * Debbie * Eye-mo * Lady * Milo (deceased, 20060315) * Shadow * Snowy (their individual stories to be added - keep your eyes open for updates) Y and I are very lucky and very grateful to Foster Mum and her unflagging passion for helping Singapore's homeless cats. We are always mindful to not impose on her unless necessary. On to "homeseekers c

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