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29 June 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cat killer, in Bedok South this time (TNP, 20060425)

Bedok Nth St 3 serial cat killer, David Hooi is in good company it seems.

"IN a part of Bedok South, some aunties who are taking care of stray cats, speak of a man who would bring the cats to the top to the block of flats where he lives, and throw them to their deaths.

"They say he has also been seen to thrust a stick into the anus of a cat causing it to have difficulty with its bowel movements. But it miraculously survived this attack.

"The aunties say it is hard for the police to take action against the man in the absence of hard evidence.

Cat killer, in Bedok South this time (TNP, 20060425)

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