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29 June 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Cat killer at large...Old Airport Road (singaporecats, 20060410)

This one is still uncaught. I only hope the authorities sit up and take these cruelty cases seriously, or else we're just going to end up with another killer-nabbed-at-long-last-released-early-to-continue-killing-spree case ala Bedok Nth St 3 serial cat killer, David Hooi

There seems to be a serial cat killer at large in Old Airport Road area. He strikes every week in the night. According to the bangaladesh cleaner, bodies of cats were found almost weekly. Just last week, one cat was strangled to death and hung up the tree. Sadly, no one had made any police report. However, there are feedback and we do have a suspect in mind. Those who resides that area, please do look out for a man who carries a long umbrella and always holding a kerosene container. He doesn't seem to be mentally sound though. Someone witnessed him pricking a cat with a needle. And once, a lady saw him catching a cat and when she walked nearer, she found a pool of blood... no bodies were found.

Another Cat killer at large...Old Airport Road (singaporecats, 20060410)

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