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29 June 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

blogor mortis

The silence trips the guilt, and my fingers itch, the keys' senseless rhythm make them twitch, alas updates denied and the weekend burned, as the runs hit, and guts churned and turned, brain cells seemed to drain out the other end, and the frontal lobe robbed of bends. Naught to do but sleep like the dead, while precious blog-thoughts fled unsaid.
There! Awful poesie of the moment, call it abstracted tummy aches. Anyway, that's why this blog's been silent for the past days. But there's life in these fingers yet. Hopefully, we'll be back to the usual verbal diarrhea tonnage soon, at least I'm looknig forward to it, it's so much more endurable than the other variety.

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