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29 June 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Samia - the kitten lost and found

Samia, 20060206 In Oct/Nov 2005 on a very rainy morning, a kitten appeared as a little scaredy kitten in Bobby's place, in the east end of Area 2 of the Street Gangs. We couldn't get near, and so didn't even give the hungry, crying baby some food. I thought that was the last we'd see of the little thing, as there was no sign of tail or whisker for the next weeks. Then 1 day, btmao called me excitedly, a kitten, with the markings of the little scaredy one, ran across her path whiel she was looking for members of the Area 2 gang. After that, from time time, we'd sight the little one. Finally, the kitten seemed to settle down at the west end of Area 2, where she found a friend in a free-roaming pet cat of about the same age whom we named Salma. The little one was cautious, and we had to leave food at a distance. By late January, however, btmao was pally enough to be able to check the kitten out- a girl. We named her Samia. By February, btmao had achieved the milestone of being able to stand next to her. At this time, we estimated Samia to be about 4/5 months old. Just about time, by the time Samia trusted btmao enough to let her carry, we could send her in for mojo robbery. Alas, it was not to be. Samia went MIA a few days after. We thought she was gone for good. Then, three weeks ago, in late March, a new long-tailed tri-colour/tortie girl appeared in Area 1. btmao was excited - she was the MIA'd Samia! I was doubtful at first, because this new girl, though her size fits what Samia should be now, was FRIENDLY. But the markings, and her face, after 1 sighting, I was convinced too. What happened to her during this intervening time? What helped her overcome her wariness of people? We'll never know, but the important thing was, she is easy to send for mojo-robbing now. She made a new friend too - Izzy. And so we sent them in for mojo-removal together. Samia definitely needed hers removed, before she got into trouble with heat-induced caterwauling or had babies. Samia was sent in on Monday, 17 Apr. Her mojo was taken the next day, 18 Apr. After a 2 day recovey period, she's back, spotting the tip-ear. She is well, and took an enjoyable leisurely dinner. In one thing, she has not changed, she takes her time with food, truly an auntie of catdom when it came to tummy-filling. Samia gossip

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