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29 June 2006

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Samia, Amazon

After midnight last night, or in the wee hours of this morning, depending on how you prefer, my mum thought she heard kitty battle cries in area 1. By the time I to the suspected battlescene, all's peaceful once more. I decided to survey a bit and see if I might spot the combatants. Soon I spotted Samia, cool as you pleased. Though she didn't look the least ruffled, the chance that she was half the ruckus was extremely high. But where was the other half? Izzy was nowhere in sight, but I knew she couldn't have been spatting with hin - they are buddies after all. Ivan was an unlikely suspect, since he's turned into btmao's personal turtle dove since losing his mojo. I continued to look for a bit, and sure enough I spotted the rival Amazon, Baby, a free-roaming pet. SIGH... Time for another prep-talk to her people... - Go to Pawprints: TNRM - Go to SINGAPORE UGLY / Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore. - Go to HDB bans cats - government body chronically misconceived - Go to Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management - Check out the purrsNswipes Adoption Guidebook - Meet our homeseekers - Go to Pawprints: TLC for cat minon requisite education - Go to SOS and see how you help some Singapore animals in need

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