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29 June 2006

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Write-Protect Disk Syndrome

Basically, this entry is to offer commiseration with fellow caregivers. I was inspired to write this after going through the Mr EKAT entries by vegancatsg (Mr Ekat chronology: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10). At last, there is proof that we are not alone. Let's start at the beginning. A question first: What happens when you try to reason with people who refuse to see reason? It's like getting voluntarily stone-walled, or being in a straitsjacket with a desperately needy itch in an awkward place. But most of all, it's like trying to write data to a disk that seemed ok, only to get, persistently, "Disk Error" or "This disk is write-protected" sort of messages. Both these messages are simply warnings to tell you you can't write data to the damn disk. With a floppy, it's simple, you just need to slide the write-protect thingy on the diskette the other way to be able to write, provided the diskette has not gone moldy or otherwise damaged. But technology has advanced, and the floppy is relegated to out-of-date artefact status. Now, you use CDs, CD-R are write-once disks, once something has been stored on it, you can't add new data or overwrite existing stuff. CD-RW, are write-many-times disks, and you can add new data or overwrite existing stuff -- provided you made the correct choice when the system asked you the million dollar question. Now it would be fine if you can change the disk, but what if the confounded disk is stuck inside your drive? So now you ask: what's all the computer storage stuff to do with reasoning with people? Plenty, analogically at least. So hold that image of a stuck, unwritable disk for a while and let's move on. btmao and I have met a number classic cases since we self-conscripted into the mojo-robbery business. Now, we've learnt to appreciate a few precious commodities: our sanity and patience. Sometimes it seems feeders have memory-retention issues, compounded by reality-check and commitment issues. At times, we also get driven up walls, modicums of common-sense in the general public seemed so rare. These people have what I would like to call the WPDS - "Write-Protect Disk Syndrome" I guess it's accumulative, and perhaps there's something in the air or water that inhibits their function, but it seems people, whether self-professed cat lovers or the general public, are just clueless about cats. It is really rare to encounter people who have sense or know anything at all about even the basic cat stuff, so when these basic characteristics of sentient beings manifest, they are highly appreciated by btmao and me. In any case, where' s the fun in writing about normal? It's the ones who drive you nuts and then turn around and shell your brain as easily as a peanut pod that makes for juicy and cynical potshots. So, here's our mini-monument to WPDS among humans. I hope it helps preserve the sanity of fellow-care-givers who've been emotionally scarred by WPDS encounters. Remember, you are not alone.

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