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29 June 2006

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sara/Mocha is mending and rounding out

Sara aka Mocha, who got sick and had to see the vet a number of times soon after going home with her parents, is now well!

YH, Mocha's mum's response to my email on Thu, 25 May: Hi calsifer, _Mocha is fully recovered and doing very well now. She's even put on a bit of weight! Cheers, YH My reply sent today: Hi YH, That's wonderful to know! Thanks. YH, we also want to thank you and your husband for sticking it out with Mocha despite her getting sick so soon after going home with you. We really appreciate it a lot. So thank you again for your TLC for Mocha. We really hope to visit some time... but keep having trouble finding a free weekend these days! Meantime, if you've more photos of her, and if it isn't too inconvenient, could you send them along? I'd like to see a weighter Mocha ;-) Thanks!
I had left off asking frequently for updates on Sara because I'm sure YH didn't need Sara's ex-guardians making like buzzards while she tried to tend to Sara and help her get well. Am glad for the good news. Sara has good, committed parents - they could have thrown her back when she got sick, since they've only been with her a few days and the emotional attachment was still raw/new, their time together being so short. It's really really admirable that they stuck it out with her. Also, during the initial stage of Sara's bout of sickness, though there were emails back and forth, it was more trying to understand where and how she might have gotten sick, and not blame pinning. We appreciate YH's maturity and understanding in this very very much. Hopefully, more people like YH and hubby will adopt - our wards, even though they can't speak, don't walk on 2 legs, and will never vote nor contribute meaningfully to the economy (except maybe as hapless pawns of the pet trade and animal based research), still deserve the best care and TLC, just as much as every human child is expected to receive. MUST try to visit soon! - Meet our homeseekers - Check out the purrsNswipes Adoption Guidebook - Go to Pawprints: TLC for cat minon requisite education - Go to SOS and see how you help some Singapore animals in need

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