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29 June 2006

Monday, May 22, 2006


between btmao and I, we've got a number of dreams we cherish, some in common. But it always seem like reality gets in the way, and you chuck stuff on the smothering backburner. Well, yesterday we met G, a newcomer to TNRM in our town. In her usual life, she works in an arty enviro, holding down a full-time job she seems to enjoy, running her own clothing label, dj-ing (alt/rock no less, not that sickening techno/ah-beng gunk that kills my senses), spends time volunteering with ACRES, doesn't go HUH? but in fact supports WSPA ... and amazingly, plays in a band! In tandem. Everything we wanted to do but never got our act together enough to do... pathetically, I can't play guitar even if means saving my butt. We're both amazed, nay awed, as in awfully disgusted at how much G is juggling, while we just manage to space out after work and dinner service. I am happy just to have enough left over to play with the home slackers at the end of day. How does a girl find the time for it all? And where do you get the energy? btmao gets her life leeched out just waiting around for the grannies, grandaddies, and assorted prissy ones to finish eating every night. I feel my brains leaking just thinking up letters to write, adoption notices to do, cat photo angles to capture, and now blog entries to update. The most relevant extra cirricula activity we've managed is to sign petitions and pass the word on. And now G is expanding her pond to include service for cats. Honestly, I would be glad just to keep mine from drying out. But hey, you know what? It's uber cool to know someone doing all these, and keeping her sanity. It's doable - maybe in ny next tour as a human or whatever's the dominant lifeform of the mo, I will get to do it, you know, stretch goal for the next age. - Go to Pawprints: TNRM - Go to SINGAPORE UGLY / Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore. - Go to HDB bans cats - government body chronically misconceived - Go to Singapore's Love-Hate Relationship with Trap-Neuter-Release Management - Check out the purrsNswipes Adoption Guidebook - Meet our homeseekers - Go to Pawprints: TLC for cat minon requisite education - Go to SOS and see how you help some Singapore animals in need

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