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Updates are on the way, just that eta is uncertain - traffic jam and problems as listed in our last entry, "Buzz-out. Greetings from Cyber Purgatory". *points to first entry*

Thank you for your patience, and interest, and see you there,
29 June 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Buzz-out. Greetings from Cyber Purgatory

Hi to friends, and regular readers! (We keep getting a steady, if teeny, number of hits throughout this blacked-out period, so I figure an update's in order, because even though I cuss readily, my cuss ratio is situational, and being a cusser doesn't mean I forget my manners.)

To state the obvious, we've been out of commission. Before we go on, a very very brief update on the gangs: there's been more abandonments, sterilisations, a death, and some illnesses... this is not a great month for the moggies. And as you will see from the following, neither is it for us minions.

We've been languishing because the main blogprint machine aka my home pc is suffering terrrrrrrrrribly, and I'm in a dilemma. Let me be the bitchin ingrate for a moment: after 3 years of placid, resigned slogging, the damn thing had to start zonking out right AFTER the pc expo ended last last weekend. Imagine choosing to expire after all the nice deals are expired! I suspect, highly so, the thing's been planning this custer's last stand just to spike me.

Actually, the dying pc was act 2 of this blog's ongoing cylence. Act 1 is my entire fault: we've been, or rather I've been looking for an alternative home for our cyberanting. The reason? Simple, I'm getting mightily disturbed at the lack of categories in blogspot, and the workarounds are just too much pain to do.

So what could I do but migrate this blog to another blog service that does provide genuine categorisation function, and in the process, reformat and otherwise ensure the entries look ok?

And what's a blog moving house without a few Jupiter-sized spanners wrenching up the works? I've endeavoured to make it as painful on the self as possible by deciding to split purrsNswipes into 3 in its new home:

Tipped Ear Clan: Cats in Singapore: the Homeless, the Homeseeking, and the Homeslackers of the 2 kitty mojo robbing siblings who serve the Clan

  • The gangs, home seekers, mojo stealing insights, slacker cameos, all's here... some of the links' still flaky though.

Casefile: Animal Cruelty in Singapore: Singapore Animal Cruelty Cases: a disturbing reflection of a nation’s morality, and grace deficiency

  • For easy ref, all the cruelty stuff's going to parked here. This is really where the categorising's gonna help a ton. But of course, work's not started at all.

rain in calsifer’s firepit: Cat minion. Enviro, non-human advocate. ‘Prentice herbivore. Cynical eye on Singapore and the world. And yeah, junky!

  • The rest of it, the non-tipped ear clan specific stuff, are deposited here. The links need some serious work, though not as great an effort as the casefiles
Yeah, I'm trading one pain for another set... anal retentiveness is my personal sadist joy after all. See you over at the new hidey holes, just don't expect house-warming party favours anytime soon - and excuse the messes, everything's still WIP after all.

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