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29 June 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Just now, a new kitten popped up at the Street Gangs' Areas 1 and 2 buffer zone as btmao was getting around to dinner service for Area 1. She was probably about 4-5months old, wearing a white coat accented by grey tabby patches, and a short clubby tail. We've named her Cari. Cari is very friendly and loving. btmao lured her to Area 1 proper and served dinner to her, and the resident Wunder Duo, Samia and Izzy. Perhaps it's because they're all friendly, humanised kittens: only Cari, understandably, puffed and hissed for a while when Samia approached, but in no time at all they were rubbing noses and sniffing each other out! Izzy, ever the guile-less (and slightly spaced-out too), decided to puff up only when the action was over. No harm done. Anyway, dinner decided them, and all soon were settled down and munching happily. After dinner, they just lounged around for a while. I took a few pictures with the phone cam, but can't upload them yet as I don't have the cable here. Anyway, hopefully Cari sticks around, at least for a few days. We'll try to arrange for her mojo-removal tomorrow. Cari Gossip

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