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29 June 2006

Monday, April 03, 2006

I ABSOLUTELY can't have a 2nd cat - my psychokitty will have a hissy-fit!

So you say, but are you SURE? True, there are dictator-cats running amok in some poor fools' homes, but I believe they are far and few. The truth is, in our society, where 'useful' people work long hours, being a loving kitty, with nothing to do but wait for your humans' to come home doesn't sound like a great way to spend your time. Take a moment, and see the deal from the viewpoint of your 'psychokitty': Cooped up alone for 12 hours every day, with no one to talk to. Everything's silent and dim, and you only have the refrigerator hum to break the quiet monotony. After the sun has set, your humans come home, at last! They give you a brief pet on the head, serve you dinner, scoop your poop, and after a bit of milling around, usually in front of the annoying 'talking box', they fall dead to the world for 8 hours. They barely have the time and energy to listen to your account of how you spent 5 hours anticipating the fridge's next big hum, nor do they have time to tell you how they spent their day. Lousy deal if I can recognise one. While it's true that cats don't require attention the way dogs do - walks, groomings, baths - it doesn't mean they are totally autonomous. Cats do crave attention from their people too, it's just that they are not as overt as dogs are about it. So for a single kitty, who can't get the attention he wants from his people when they come home at night, how much more boring is life in the daylight hours? Many people wanna have one cat, and baulk at the thought of caring for 2. But the truth is, in terms of care, aside from the absolutes, like food quantity, there is not much difference caring for one or two cats. And most cats, even if they act like they don't fancy having the other cat vying for scarce human attention, do appreciate having company during the silent daylight hours. Even the most psycho of kitties could just be needing a bit of TLC to open their hearts, if not their favourite snoozing spots, and tolerate another kitty in the house. To wit, the story of Beauty is concrete testament that psychokitties could just be misunderstood kitties. We knew Beauty from her foster-days with Foster Mum. Beauty's story is typical of fickle-minded and seflish Singaporeans. She was adopted as a kitten, and at 1 year old, her 'family' decided they wanted to get a puppy instead, and left her outside their flat! The poor girl was distressed, and tried to enter her home, and when she couldn't, she faithfully stayed outside. But there was no more food, no more water, and no litter-bin from the heartless monsters who had loved her when she was a kitten. Finally, Beauty could not hold it anymore, and relieved herself where she could. She also cried, because she missed being inside, and couldn't figure what what she did wrong to be banned from her home. The neighbours complained, and lucky for her, she encountered some kind-souls who rescued her from being put down by AVA. At Foster Mum', she had to be caged long-term because she was extremely jealous, and would attack all and sundry. Foster Mum could only allow her out when all the other cats were safely tucked away. So Beauty lived the life of a semi-prisoner, self-penalised by her own jealousy, until early last year, when Cat gave this 'psychokitty' the single-cat family she needed. Now more than a year on, Beauty shares Cat with 4 other felines! If this isn't a story to refute the myth that psychokitties are unrehabilitable, I'm eating my shoes. Of course, the introduction process is important to ensure that your sweet cat(s) doesn't transform into psychokitty, in the first place! Read more of the purrsNswipes Adoption Guidebook Go to Pawprints: TLC for other cat minon requisite education. c

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