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29 June 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yeti: he does exist, and his name is Joe!

Gotcha! (Yeah, it's juvenile, so sue me!) Our mum had told us three weeks ago, that she saw a very large, cream coloured cat, as largr or larger than Joey, and he had a tipped ear. This was while she was on her way to the market. I was impressed by the "large" bit since our Joey was already large for a girl - and her girth and length were not easy to match. We were dubious, since a large cat, especially a light coloured one, would be harder to miss than an auntie matching dots with stripes. But two weeks later, y called while serving the carpark cats their breakfast. She was excited - the large cream coloured cat with a tipped ear, as described by our mum, was really a large cream coloured cat with a tipped ear. Now I was impressed. But it seemed the cat was really an elusive boy. Going by the previous sightings, he granted 1 a week, and I was the only one left with a sighting uncashed. The week passed, and I thought that I would never get to see him. Nonetheless, y and I discussed names, and we decided on Joe - the boy version of Joey - a cat larger than average. Since Joe sound rather plain, we surnamed him Yeti - in honour of his colour and his elusive highness. And two nights ago, two nights ago Joe Yeti came to claim his name! He was really impressive, not as wide as Joey, but certainly longer. His head was actually slighter narrower and smaller than hers, which only goes to confirm that he had been snipped at a young age. He has a beautiful perfect tail and a fantastic temperament. We don't know if he'll settle down in our area yet. And he did seem a bit too nonchalant about cars - so we'll have to watch for that. Joe Yeti (using my 6170 phone) JoeYeti_Sideview_20060321 Joey (for comparison) th_joey45 th_joey47 Yeti gossip:

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