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29 June 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

When Ignorance IS NOT BLISS

Okaaaay, so I've promised myself to try to be nice, and do more purrs than swipes. But I think it's time to balance the nicie entries. So, when is ignorance NOT bliss? When what you don't know is going to harm you or the things you care for, or profess to be concerned with. Take for example, this half-way aware individual who got this letter published online: Take the right action to take proper care of stray animals Anyone who's even slightly involved in any sort of animal welfare issues here in Singapore can spot the bleeping blindspots in this poor fool's ASSumptions, as listed in this, unfortunately, unpublished rebuttal. At least this guy was just trying to impose his half-baked opinions on the local scene. Even worse are the ones who THINK they're helping the cause, and tote the cause as an armband. And then all they really do is regurgitating and pasting information which they themselves are not fully appreciative of. I'm not going to name the ignoramus, nor to lend the offending blogger any more credibility. During this time, I was involved in a minor little incident with another blogger - who professed to be anti-animal abuse, and named said blog as such. And yet all this blogger did was regurgitate info, and even quoted the most harmful bit in a recent post, which I happened to stumble on. I was especially angry as the quote was from a discussion thread where I've vigourously highlighted the problems with the points stated in the starting post. This ignoramus blogger quoted the very things that were wrong and thought it a favour to the world to post it! I wrote to this ignoramus. To this blogger's credit, the post was removed, but this blogger shirked responsibility by citing disclaimers. The cheek! What a cheap lazy way out. What a cop-outer! How indecent and irresponsible. I just hope this ignoramus is not representable of the blogosphere, especially the animal-causes sub-spheres. I think it is just scary to have half-baked lazybone idealists spreading garbled messages. I guess in the end, people who are looking to support a cause, need to do their due diligence and check, as far as they are able to, that they aren't being misled, or misleading others, whether intentionally or not. There is no excuse for shirking moral, and conscience duties. Irresponsible conduct is not a valid defence or plea when information is at your fingertips. Don't be an ignoramus blogger or netizen, not when you are championing a cause. Be part of the cure, not the disease. c

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