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29 June 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Singapore Psycho - Kitten Basher Getting Off Lightly

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Harsher punishment for cat killer
(Case history, as published in the papers and background details here) As Dawn, form CWS says in this blog entry, please also consider writing to the relevant authorities about: - the inadequacies of the jail sentence - question why it took 5 months to bust the nut despite eye-witnesses and filed police reports - what was the police engagement level to help break the case given that the care-givers felt it was necessary to organise their own neighbourhood watches to try and catch the nut in action how will they ensure the nut never ever again kills kittens/other animals, or get near enough to harm them - what provisions are there in the law to protect animals and eye-witnesses from this nut - mental evaluation/treatment for such criminals since it's obviously a problem in the brain too (Ref: WILD ANIMALS AND BIRDS ACT ) Please send your comments by snail mail, fax or email. Click here for addressee details.
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