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29 June 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Khielly is a BOY! B-O-Y! Yes, (s)he's toting some family jewels of his own. Eh, make that empty jewellery boxes. The vet gave us a look of such grave concern after parting Khielly's fluffy bloomers, that we wondered what unimaginable problems the poor girl's nether regions held. Then, calmly, the good doc intoned: "Khielly's a boy." That moment between his pronunciation and our exclamation of surprised disbelief couldn't be more brief or more pregnant. I think the folks waiting their turn must wondered what could make the consult-room reverb with laughter! I hope the accent of hysteria wasn't too obvious. Truly, I don't know how we're gonna live this one down - and face the inner ailurophile. After two years of calling the fluffy one "Girl", I, for one, am frazzled by the revelation. Khielly's a blooming TOMCAT! c

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