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29 June 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scratching Below the Surface- Cat Scratching as Communication

Ok, fellow cat minions, no excuse for dismissing them itching furballs - better start getting familiar with morse-scratch. Quick, what's 1 long scratch on fabric mean?? I hate to think that apart from meows, I have to add Scratches - decoding claw charades, to my classes. c PS how's your meow-accent coming along, eh? I just can't twist that "arw" in that "meow" if you agree bit.

Scratching Below the Surface- Cat Scratching as Communication Guest Writers' Forum Article by C.H.U. (Clyde's Human Unit, Webmaster of ClydeSight2.0!) C.H.U. has spent a lifetime in the company of cats. C.H.U. became Clyde's Human Unit when Clyde Big Paws, the tabby cat, came to live in 1990. Clyde crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 1997. C.H.U. has been the Web master and a member of the board of the Melrose Humane Society since 1998 as part of the Legacy of Clyde. C.H.U. holds a Master's degree in Communication from Emerson College in Massachusetts and has taught continuing education courses in the use of computers and computers for communication. C.H.U. is currently being trained by the Melrose Humane Society and Gertrude and Eddie Cats in the art of cat-human communicatioin techniques. The Sound You HATE to Hear You're sitting at your computer when you hear a sound all cat owners DREAD, the tearing of claws on fabric! You rush into the next room and grab the squirt bottle or can o' coins. Your cat takes off for under the bed. You return to your computer muttering. Did you notice the cat toy in the center of the room, right where the cat was sitting before you charged in? Maybe, your cat was trying to tell you something! --> MORE (source: About Cats)

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