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Updates are on the way, just that eta is uncertain - traffic jam and problems as listed in our last entry, "Buzz-out. Greetings from Cyber Purgatory". *points to first entry*

Thank you for your patience, and interest, and see you there,
29 June 2006

Friday, March 17, 2006

Purrs... and Swipes?? What the ... and who the heck are you??

Yup, purrs and swipes, felinity parlance wot? Ok, so it's still just happiness and grouches, but hey, I was trying for that artsy/abstract vibe - bear with me lah! Who we are is simple - we are two sibs, but it will be mainly me, c (aka calsifer), doing the yakking, since y isn't as susceptible to verbal diarrhea. (Not that I'm not trying my level best to turn her to the dark side...) Our yakkage can be anything that takes our fancy, but will likely focus on eco/animal issues. Oh! Some of the major stars on this bloggie will be the aloof furballs lording it over home and rafters, and their unsighted brethren who are braving the elements and human whimsies everyday. c

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