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29 June 2006

Friday, March 31, 2006

OK to keep pet shark without a licence? (TODAY, 20060223)

For 5 years, Parc Palais, a private condominium property, has kept a nurse shark (now 2m long), and 2 black reef sharks (1m each), in a tank that's less than 2m wide. What does the AVA say to that? Keep the nurse shark, release the reef sharks! DUH! It's not just sharks that languish in captivity, Singapore also holds dolphins captive - like the sharks of Parc Palais, they too are denied thier right to a life in their natural habit. c

Chronology - TODAY: OK to keep pet shark without a licence? (20060223) - [ACRES News] Please help this POOR Shark! (20060224) - TODAY: Were wildlife laws amended? (20060224) - TODAY: 2 letters: Wild animals aren't pets / Why no action, AVA? Illegal pet purchase? (20060225) - TODAY: Parc Palais condo's sharks are not dangerous: AVA (20060302) - TODAY: AVA says OK to sharks as pets but animal activists concerned (20060302) - [Acres News] Parc Palais Condominium advised to remove sharks (20060302) - TODAY: Laws in murky waters? Odd to move smaller sharks but not bigger one (20060304) - TODAY: Prohibitions should apply to buyers, farms (20060304) - TODAY: AVA's stand on sharks, snakes and wild animals (20060310) - [Acres News] Urgent call for help: Acres asked to leave office (20060310) - TODAY: Clean up the Act, AVA. More clarifications needed to address shark's captive space (20060313) Go to: Casefile: Cruel Singapore. Hack-care Singapore.

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