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29 June 2006

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Luke, *I* am your FATHER."

I've always thought that I knew how Lightsabre-Boy felt when Helmet-Head breathed that fate-sealing line. After all, he must have premonitioned that ginsu-chop from Helmet-Head that took his hand. But now, now I truly UNDERSTAND how he felt about it. It was the same "NOOOOO!!!!!" that's ricocheting inside the skull, even now. The revelation of Khielly's sex is still a mind-boggler. I don't know where the phrase shellshocked came from, but if I were a turtle, my shell would have been shattered, not just shocked. Even Khielly's shellshocked: "Who? Me? Y is to blame for it all, but that's another story. (Yes, it's the same one I promised here.) c

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