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29 June 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Homeseeker: Booties/Beanie

Booties/Beanie is a female cat, about 6 years old. She yearns for a home to call her own. She especially loves conversation and chin-rubs. Booties is great company, content to just sit beside a companion and purr. She loves it even more to be plopped onto a comfy lap, and will stay for as long as she's wanted, purring all the way, especially when there's chin tickles! If you or anyone you know is interested to give this affectionate girl a home, and lap-time, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com. Her Story Booties was abandoned in a HDB carpark (Area 2 of the Street Gangs) while still a kitten. She had a fan-club while she lived there - young students and aunties alike would treat her to food and snacks all day round, making her the premiere spokescat of the pregnantized look. As testament to her popularity, a friend who lived in the area told us of how her daughters got into an argument with another group of kids over Booties' name. Her daughters insisted her name was Booties since that is what y and I call her, but the opposition party insisted her name was Socks! Apparently, the shouting duel was still pending a re-match. This friend also knows Booties frequented her car, especially during rainy days - because she would leave her calling cards, adorable little muddy pawprints on her car's windscreen and front. With great equanimity, this friend would just spend a few minutes and clean away the prints before moving off. Since she was having such a happy life, why is Booties looking for a home now? Well, she was removed into foster-care in Mar/Apr 05, as some asshole complained about her for sitting on his car bonnet/hood! This, after 5-6 years of blissful car-sitting. Plus, there is hardly any significant damage to cars that cat claws can inflict. We cannot risk her getting sent to AVA to be killed just for her liking to sit on cars, so we're hoping that she will find a home where no one will mind where she sits. If you or anyone you know is interested to give this affectionate girl a home, and lap-time, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com. Read about other Home Seekers. c

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