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29 June 2006

Friday, March 17, 2006

For them, I blog

Rhielly and Khielly, for whom these fingers begin to peck at the hapless keyboard.

At last, after all that rambling - we come to the actual introduction.

But more on their story later. This mother-daughter pair is the impetus for this blog's birth.

We will send them for FiV/FeLV tests tomorrow before bringing them home

I am restive now, because so many things weigh on the mind now:

  • Something might go wrong when we go get them tomorrow and we dont' get one or both
  • Their blood tests are no good, and we can't bring them home because there's the resident slackers to think of
  • Their blood tests are fine and we all go home together, but the male parental unit will have a Mount Versuvius grade seizure and war ensures.

In any case, to quote the inimitable (movie!)Galadriel: "I can feel it in the air, I can feel it in the water." Yup, like Mr Bats, I can only say: "Storm's comin'."


PS if blogger does a Emperor's New Clothes on the pic, try this link

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