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29 June 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Arctic Fabulous: Speculative Fiction and the Imaginary Arctic

Arctic Fabulous: Speculative Fiction and the Imaginary Arctic - by Siobhan Carroll (source site) Ooh, don't you just love how humans come up with explanations for what is now some of the most blasé of things? I'm of two minds about it. Obviously, our overactive imagination enriched culture and literature, and even spurred some of the most fascinating inventions, like the concept of flight, for instance. But then, hey, we're also good at scaring the hell out of each other and invoking the wrath of god to keep dissenters in place. I think if Woodbridge could manage it, it could earn big bucks just carouselling every single human bean in and out of its bed and couches! Why let the business go elsewhere, we're supposed to a medical hub right? Woot - I think i've scored one "Arctic Fabulous" worthy madness. c

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